We continue to climb the active rock radio charts with “turn away”!

We keep moving up nice and steady at Active Rock Radio!!

#42 - Billboard Mainstream Rock

#46 - Mediabase 

#36 - Billboard Indicator

#24 - Foundations (SMR)

Thank You to these 2 new stations that have come on board this week and all the stations that are spinning our new single.

WXRK-FM - Charlottesville, VA

WQCK-FM - State College, PA 

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Climbing the rock radio charts, “Turn away” (Radio edit) continues its ascend!

“Turn Away” (Radio Edit) continues to climb those Rock Radio Charts!

Expect some big jumps over the next month with screenshots of all the charts.

#46 - Mediabase 

#45 - Billboard Monitored

#34 - Billboard Indicator 

#25 - Foundations (SMR)

Thank you to these new stations that have added our record along with all the other stations spinning us.

SNS - Skratch N' Sniff  

KCVI - Idaho Falls, ID

KRFF-FM - Fargo, ND 

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Merch sale - all previous merch desigNs must go!



All previous designs must go to make room for the new designs coming in.  None of these designs nor the physical music (CD’s & Vinyl) for our Debut Album & It’s Time To Get Weird will be reprinted once these are sold out.  


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Week 3 of 'turn away (radio edit)' at radio and we continue to move up the charts!

Week 3 of ‘Turn Away (Radio Edit)’ at radio and we are moving up nicely!! Broke the Top 50 in both the Mediabase & Billboard Charts.  Cracked the Top 40 on the Bilboard Indicator Chart and moved up to #27 on the Foundations Chart.  

#48 Mediabase 

#48 Billboard

#36 BDS Indicator

#27 Foundations (SMR) 

Thank You to these 3 stations that added ‘Turn Away’ this week along with all the other stations spinning the record.

KIWR-FM - Council Bluffs, IA  

RFLE-DB - Ft.Lauderdale, FL  

WBWW-DB - Milwaukee, WI

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New interview alert: Michael Shows how important mental health is at madNess to creation.nEt

Check out how serious the guys are about Mental Health Issues with this interview with Michael and Madness To Creation!


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Tonight 7/24 on cowboyjoeradio.com, michael get’s in depth about everything

Tonight 7/24 on Cowboy Joe Radio

Michael from Sunflower Dead is on The Takeover TONIGHT around 5:45 pm PST, 8:45 pm EST only on CowboyJoeRadio.com! Michael is on for over 20 minutes talking about the band, if he is a cat guy, evil seeds, the Phillies, hear 2 songs and MORE! Listen for FREE, Anywhere! 


Turn Away (Radio Edit) conTinues to build at active rock radiO!

‘Turn Away (Radio Edit)’ is moving up all the Rock Charts nicely at radio.

55* Mediabase - Active Rock

49* BDS Monitored - Mainstream Rock

42* BDS Indicator - Mainstream Rock

29* Foundations (SMR)

Thank you to these two new stations for coming on board this week along with all the other amazing stations already spinning our song.

KGRR-FM - Dubuque, IA

KMZK-FM - Grand Junction, CO

KFRQ-FM - McAllen, TX

KHTQ-FM - Spokane, WA

WHXR-FM - Portland, ME

WIIL-FM - Chicago, IL

WRTT-FM - Huntsville, AL

WRZK-FM - Johnson City, TN

WXQR-FM - ‪Greenville, NC‬

KEDJ-FM - Twin Falls, ID

KHHK-H3 - Yakima, WA

KTRX-FM - Ardmore, OK

KZGL-FM - Flagstaff, AZ

WCLG-FM - Morgantown, WV

WFRD-FM - Hanover, NH

WZRK-FM - Madison, WI

KCGQ-FM - Cape Girardeau, MO

KMMY-FM - Paris, TX

WKHY-FM - Lafayette, IN

KFML-FM - Little Falls, MN

KFPW-FM - Fort Smith, AR

KLAR-DB - Shreveport, LA

KRCK-DB - Dallas, TX

KRRR-DB - Rock Rage Radio

KSHP-DB - Dakota Dunes, SD

KSSI-FM - Ridgecrest, CA

KTED-FM - Casper, WY

KTMR-DB - Nashville, TN

WBRS-DB - Boston, MA

WCCN-FM - Neillsville, WI

WKKI-FM - Lima, OH

WNRF-DB - Tampa, FL

WPNT-DB - Villa Rica, GA

KITX-H2 - Hugo, OK

WMMD-DB - Biloxi, MS

695therock Las Vegas, NV

Rock Radio Nashville Nashville, TN

96.7 KCAL FM San Bernardino, CA

Rockfile Radio

Krave Rock (Dallas, TX)

Boston Rock Radio

Bullspike Radio

Metal Nation Radio (Chicago, IL)

Metal World Radio (Albuquerque, NM)

Neue Regel Radio (Atlantic City, NJ)

The Sports Guys (Houston, TX)

Rock On The Rise (Denver, CO)

Capitol Chaos (Sacramento, CA)

Metal Devastation Radio (Charlotte, NC)

Crim Radio (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Rust Belt Chronicles (Cleveland, OH)

KSHP-FM (Madison, WI)

Fish Creek Radio (Traverse City, MI)

WCR247 Radio (Crown Point, Indiana)

Cowboy Joe Radio (Sheridan, Wyoming)

Metal Mayhem Radio (England/Canada)

Rock Attack Radio (Marseilles, France )

Metalheads Forever (Toronto, Canada)

The Metal Syndicate (Montreal, Canada)

CPR Show - 95.9 Hailsham FM (Sussex, England)

Rock Radio UK (Bath, England)

Midlands Metalheads Radio (Birmingham, England)

Down The Front Podcast (London, England)

Ignite Rock & Metal Radio (Surrey, England)

Dutch Metal Maniac (Amsterdam)

Metal Orgie radio (Paris, France)

Rock & Metal Show, Radio Bouton (Northeastern France)

Metal Godz Radio on 96.5 KUBU-FM (Sacramento, CA)

Midlands Metalhead Radio Podcast

Rock Rage Radio

The Dark on FM 94 - Falls Radio

That Metal Station.com

WNRF-DB 106radio.com

95.7 The Panther

The Garage on 105.7 FM - Merced, CA


Turn Away (Radio edit) debut Charting #’s at active rock radio!

And the huge climb begins at rock radio for our new single ‘Turn Away (Radio Edit)’:

Our starting chart positions - Upward we go: 

#55 Mediabase

#62 Billboard

#47 Billboard Indicator

#41 Foundations

#2 Greatest Gainer again on the Foundations Charts - two weeks in a row!!!!

Thank you to these new 7 stations that added us this week on top of the 30 other stations already spinning us:

WRZK-FM - Johnson City, TN

WXQR-FM - Greenville, NC  

KCGQ-FM - Cape Girardeau, MO 

KMMY-FM - Paris, TX

WKHY-FM - Lafayette, IN

KITX-H2 - Hugo, OK

WMMD-DB - Biloxi, MS